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The Five - Season 1

720p 10 episodes

British drama about a boy Mark and his three friends. When these four children were teenagers, they always got together, talked, walked, secretive about girls and so on. That ill-fated day, they also went about their affairs, but they decided to go home take with them Marks brother , Jesse. After all, they tired to walk with the five-year child...

Release Date:Apr 15, 2016

Genres:Crime, Mystery, Thriller

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The Tunnel - Season 2

5 episodes

Two detective: Carla from England and Alice from France work on high-profile case, which produced a shock . In tunnel, which was supposed to connect the two countries, found a terrible discovery - the corpse of the politician that was well-known personality. In the second season come two professionals and terrible serial killer face to face....

Release Date:2016

Genres:Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery