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Game of Thrones - Season 2

720p 10 episodes

The cold winds of winter are rising in Westeros...war is coming...and five kings continue their savage quest for control of the all-powerful Iron Throne. HBO presents Season 2 of this epic series based on the bestselling book series by George R.R. Martin....

Release Date:Apr 1, 2012

Genres:Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

15-04-2016, 16:53

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Sherlock - season 3

720p 3 episodes

In the beginning of series 3, John, Lestrade and those close to Sherlock are reeling after Sherlock's apparent death and are trying to get on with their lives. After his return, Mycroft looks for Sherlock's help with finding a terror cell....

Release Date:1 January 2014

Genres:Drama, Family, Crime, Mystery

15-04-2016, 16:48

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Sherlock - season 2

720p 3 episodes

Sherlock offers a 21st century set updating of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective tales. This release contains every episode from the second season featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the iconic Holmes and Watson; 'A Scandal In Belgravia', 'The Hounds Of Baskerville' and 'The Reichenbach Fall'....

Release Date:1 January 2012

Genres:Drama, Family, Crime, Mystery

14-04-2016, 23:54

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Friends - season 1

720p 24 episodes

Friends Season 1: A Comedy Series based in Manhatten about 6 young friends, in the struggle to find success and happiness in life, but it is never that straight forward, is it? Rachel Green - A popular schoolgirl of the past, is now a spoiled brat living off her fathers finance. In an attempt to start a new life after running out on her wedding,...

Release Date:1994

Genres:Comedy, Romance

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Channel: NBC

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Sherlock - season 1

720p 3 episodes

Sherlock is a British television series produced by Hartswood Films for the BBC, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson. It airs on the BBC in the UK, and on PBS in the USA. It was created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. The producers are Sue Vertue and Elaine Cameron and the executive producers are...

Release Date:2010

Genres:Crime, Drama, Mystery

14-04-2016, 23:08

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Game of Thrones - season 1

720p 10 episodes

Season 1 of Game of Thrones consists of ten episodes, including a re-shot version of the pilot episode originally filmed in October and November 2009, and was otherwise filmed between 23 July and 18 December 2010. Season 1 had a budget of $60 million. Season 1 of Game of Thrones was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States and United...

Release Date:2011

Genres:Adventure, Drama, Fantasy