Crowded - Season 1

23-05-2016, 15:43

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Crowded - Season 1)

Original Title:Crowded


Release Date:Mar 15, 2016

Genres:Comedy, Family

Directed by:Suzanne Martin

Cast:Patrick Warburton, Carrie Preston, Mia Serafino, Carlease Burke, Miranda Cosgrove, Ryan Dorsey, Stacy Keach


Runtime:25 min.

Description of the TV series Crowded - Season 1

he main characters of the show Mike's and Martin Moore family. They have been together for more than twenty years and all this time have paid attention to children. Their two daughters did not give them any opportunity to relax and have fun and to do their business. And now when their daughter grew up and find a job and have a family life, they left his father's house and went away. These changes greatly affected the parents they are upset . But after a while time they realized the advantages of living alone, you can do whatever that you want and wherever you want. They rejoiced not long, daughter decided to come back, but in addition also the parents of Mike want to come too. That's the real fun begins, a full house of people, the noise of a quarrel and no free time. About this family could not dream.

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