Rosewood - Season 1

19-05-2016, 15:11

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Rosewood - Season 1)

Original Title:Rosewood


Release Date:Sep 23, 2015


Directed by:Todd Harthan

Cast:Morris Chestnut, Gabrielle Dennis, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Anna Konkle, Maggie Elizabeth Jones


Runtime:45 min.

Description of the TV series Rosewood - Season 1

How many detectives films and TV serials in recent years, people of different professions, for whatever their reasons, suddenly begin to investigate. Now the main hero will be the young pathologist. He lives and works in Miami, he has a laboratory equipped with the latest technology. Despite its rather specific profession man has an easy character, sense of humor and excellent communication skills. The guy for a long time loved his friend Vija, she's a good detective and a remarkable girl, but completely indifferent to Rosewood. Our hero is very worried and start to work a lot. Because of this, he became the most famous expert in the city .Guy is able to "pull" from the corpse the most useful information, namely his findings help detectives to unravel the case.

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