Bones - Season 11

22-05-2016, 14:48

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Bones - Season 11)

Original Title:Bones


Release Date:Oct 1, 2015

Genres:Comedy, Crime, Drama

Directed by:Hart Hanson

Cast:Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michaela Conlin


Runtime:45 min.

Description of the TV series Bones - Season 11

Now continues a serial that loved many Americans, about two great specialists: a charming woman anthropologist Brennan and her teammate agent charismatic Bute. Both of these professionals work in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are very experienced staff and it can be understood from the fact how many seasons viewers delight their adventures. Partners has opened together a huge number of cases, but their help is still needed investigators. Sometimes it happens that the body of the deceased person is not possible to look for a long time, and when it finally happens,the detectives get only the old bones of the skeleton, and then without professional skills of our heroes just can not do. Their expertise and opinion are sometimes the only "clue" for detectives that leading this investigation. A young couple have been completely leave the operational work and enjoy family life, but on the last job her husband unexpectedly disappears. Soon Commissioner finds the remains of an unknown man. Preliminary analysis shows that this is Booth, who even in the morning had on his bones completely raw flesh. And it is amazing, but his gun is found near the corpse. The body is severely disfigured, its difficult to carry out the expertise . Perhaps this is an error, or someone's malicious intent.

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