Madam Secretary - Season 2

9-05-2016, 15:14

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Madam Secretary - Season 2)

Original Title:Madam Secretary


Release Date:Oct 4, 2015


Directed by:Barbara Hall

Cast:Geoffrey Arend, Téa Leoni, Tim Daly


Runtime:45 min.

Description of the TV series Madam Secretary - Season 2

The main character of the series is brave and intelligent woman. Elizabeth worked for many years in such serious structure as the CIA, but from personal motives she had get away from the office. Some time later to woman again offer a job only already more serious. She has the opportunity to take the post of Secretary of State. From this employee in the government depends how it will look country in the international negotiations. The work is very demanding and main heroine does not have enough time for their family and even on vacation. Sometimes it is necessary to solve such questions that it is not quite legally and the heroine brilliantly successful do it. The duties of the Elise is not only to create a favorable image in the political arena, but the adoption of lightning decisions that relate to the whole country.

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