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Animal Kingdom - Season 1

720p 1 episodes

Joshua Cody - the main character, a young guy who has to keep his way to his hometown after his mother's death. Once at the door of his home, the guy gets into a completely different atmosphere, not the one in which he lived with his mother. As it turns out - the head of the family Cody, powerful and is a very strong woman who does not tolerate...

Release Date:Jun 14, 2016

Genres:Drama, Crime

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Archer - Season 7

720p 8 episodes

In The basis of the multimedia show is difficult work of the secret spy. The main hero of the series Archer agent. When in the world there is any conflict, he and his opponents have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and super modern weapons. But no matter how they tried, our hero always wins. He has many of brilliantly executed tasks. In...

Release Date:Mar 31, 2016

Genres:Comedy, Animation, Action

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Arrow - Season 4

720p 22 episodes

Fantasy fighter with drama and detective from David Burt. Great acting - that is a the key that bring success to the film, you will learn what adventures await at Oliver whom played Canadian Stephen Ammel and that will delay the deepest mark on all 4 of the series season. A terrible accident in the middle of the ocean could not kill Oliver...

Release Date:Oct 7, 2015

Genres:Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama

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Channel: CW

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Awkward - Season 5

22 episodes

The main character of the TV series live very difficult. Fifteen Jen, as everyone goes to school, but for a long time after it was attached the nickname clumsy. But the nickname is not yet the most unpleasant that may be. The story begins after the hike to the camp. With all went Jen, here begins a new round of her life. She starts dating handsome...

Release Date:Aug 31, 2015

Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance