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Wynonna Earp - Season 1

720p 8 episodes

At the main character of the TVseries was the legendary roots, because her great-grandfather was the toughest and well-known throughout the Wild West guardian of the law. He was respected and feared at the same time. The glory he received during his service in the town Toumson. All his strength and courage inherited his great-granddaughter Winona....

Release Date:Apr 1, 2016

Genres:Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Western

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Witless - Season 1

720p 5 episodes

Flatmates Rhona and Leanne have their lives turned upside down after they witness a shocking gangland shooting. Forced into witness protection, the girls quickly discover that assuming a new identity isn’t simple. While Leanne jumps at the chance to create an extravagant alter-ego, Rhona is paralysed by fear telling the simplest lie. And with two...

Release Date:Apr 22, 2016

Genres:Comedy, Thriller

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Wentworth - Season 4

720p 2 episodes

The dramatic story of the life of the prisoners and staff an Australian prison. Each of the heroine of the series has its own tragic fate, which led them to prison. All women are deeply unhappy, but not all do deserve universal condemnation. Unsweetened live as prisoners, and their overseers, whose life also takes place in prison. How they cope...

Release Date:Mar 10, 2016

Genres:Crime, Drama

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