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Undercover - Season 1

6 episodes

Incredibly intriguing TV serial tells the story about a strong woman who expects that in the near future her will appoint to the post of Attorney General. This position requires the family of the heroine almost be an exemplary. The heroine realizes that she is like no other suited for this position, but she doesnt know a terrible secret about her...

Release Date:Apr 3, 2016

Genres:Drama, Thriller

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Underground - Season 1

720p 10 episodes

This dramatic story will allow viewers to distant times when the big ships were brought to the Cape of Good Hope and from other places a lot of black humans and maked them slaves. Those people that will be discussed, live somewhere in Georgia and prepared to escape from their masters planters to be free ,they will have to walk a few hundred...

Release Date:Mar 9, 2016

Genres:Drama, History