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Rogue - Season 3-4

18 episodes

We bring you the story of a woman named Grace. It operates under the guise of a policeman and perfectly fulfills its duty. She was motivated by a sense of revenge for the death of his son, who was killed in a shootout by a stray bullet. Grace in everything happened blames only himself and suffers because he has not been able to save his only son...

Release Date:Jun 24, 2015

Genres:Action, Crime, Drama

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Royal Pains - Season 8

720p 1 episodes

The story continues to talk about Hank Lawson, doctor, that after committing an error in the workplace proved to be no prospects for the development of its medical activities and without his beloved bride ... Deciding to take a break from the problems and went to the resort, a man saves the life of one of the model, which later becomes his own...

Release Date:May 18, 2016

Genres:Comedy, Drama

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Channel: USA

22-05-2016, 14:42

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Rush Hour - Season 1

720p 8 episodes

This is a common action comedy that is adaptation of the famous film of '90s under the series format. The plot remains is the same, but just slightly stretched. Carter, who is in the city of angels does not know it the black inspector who is ready for everything in order to unravel the matter entrusted to him and to throw the offender in jail. The...

Release Date:Mar 31, 2016

Genres:Action, Comedy, Drama

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Channel: CBS

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Rosewood - Season 1

720p 21 episodes

How many detectives films and TV serials in recent years, people of different professions, for whatever their reasons, suddenly begin to investigate. Now the main hero will be the young pathologist. He lives and works in Miami, he has a laboratory equipped with the latest technology. Despite its rather specific profession man has an easy...

Release Date:Sep 23, 2015


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Channel: FOX

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Reign - Season 3

720p 15 episodes

In the plot of the series that the events developed in the fifteenth century. The main character of the series is still a young girl destined to become a great and mighty. The future Queen Mary of Scotland, that she was able to sit on the throne of the heroine for many years hiding in monasteries, all its competitors have dreamed to get rid of the...

Release Date:Oct 9, 2015

Genres:Drama, Fantasy

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Channel: CW