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Penny Dreadful - Season 3

720p 4 episodes

Actions series developed in London during the Victorian era. As earlier life in the city developing slowly and the people unsuspectingly engaged in the usual chores. At the same time the capital of England starts to gather all the demons and the horrors of a world scale. Here you can meet Count Dracula, Dorian Gray with their Frankenstein...

Release Date:May 1, 2016

Genres:Drama, Fantasy, Horror

22-05-2016, 21:31

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Preacher - Season 1

720p 1 episodes

Jesse Custer - a priest who became a unique carrier creature named Genesis. Genesis somewhere within the person, but nobody really knows that he is and for what purpose arrived on Earth. Soon it becomes clear that in Custer - the child that was born after the act of love between an angel and a demon! Genesis simultaneously represents a clot as the...

Release Date:May 22, 2016

Genres:Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

22-05-2016, 14:41

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Peaky Blinders - Season 3

720p 3 episodes

The new season of stories about Birmingham, in which is inhabited the brothers Shelby will continue to talk about their incredible adventures and fraud schemes that frequently involve their family in trouble ... But this time the story will reach not only in the criminal line, because now the main character - Tom waits from the Grace a child,...

Release Date:May 5, 2016

Genres:Crime, Drama

18-05-2016, 17:07

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Person of Interest - Season 5

720p 5 episodes

This story will continue to talk about the incredible development of the computer that was created the main character Mr. Finch. The new series, like previous ones, will talk about incredible events in the life of the victims, which by definition would be dead soon. But this time, Reese, that came up with an incredible plan ready to go in spite of...

Release Date:May 3, 2016

Genres:Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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