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DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Season 1

720p 16 episodes

When the world and the whole universe threatens the absolute evil, there are no enemies, no villains all comes to save their home. All the world's super heroes and legendary warriors collected to confront a new more powerful force. The main hero Reap he is a time traveler which going into the future and reveals the danger. This evil threatens not...

Release Date:Jan 21, 2016

Genres:Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

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Channel: CW

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Damien - Season 1

720p 10 episodes

This TV serial is based on the cult horror film "The Omen." Little Damien Thorne grew up and become a smart, charming and pretty looking young man, the only thing that "clouded" his life is the thought of the dead parents. A man rooted without their warmth, caring and love, be an orphan is very bitter and painful. One day this attractive and...

Release Date:Mar 7, 2016