Rogue - Season 3-4

23-05-2016, 16:15

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Rogue - Season 3-4)

Original Title:Rogue


Release Date:Jun 24, 2015

Genres:Action, Crime, Drama

Directed by:Matthew Parkhill

Cast:Thandie Newton, Sarah Jeffery, Joshua Sasse


Runtime:60 min.

Description of the TV series Rogue - Season 3-4

We bring you the story of a woman named Grace. It operates under the guise of a policeman and perfectly fulfills its duty. She was motivated by a sense of revenge for the death of his son, who was killed in a shootout by a stray bullet. Grace in everything happened blames only himself and suffers because he has not been able to save his only son from death. Now, Grace could only revenge. It does not show a drop of sympathy for criminals, because seeing your child killer in each of them. The heroine has to make the dangerous love. Now in its circles are criminal authorities, these thugs. With one of them, Grace even makes a deal. Jimmy ... this man commits Grace ensure for him the purity of one case. She agrees, in order to complete its own investigation. Everything else becomes clear that wound up a traitor in the ranks of the police, which is urgently needed to detect and neutralize!

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