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Preacher - Season 1

720p 1 episodes

Jesse Custer - a priest who became a unique carrier creature named Genesis. Genesis somewhere within the person, but nobody really knows that he is and for what purpose arrived on Earth. Soon it becomes clear that in Custer - the child that was born after the act of love between an angel and a demon! Genesis simultaneously represents a clot as the...

Release Date:May 22, 2016

Genres:Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

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Turn - Season 3

720p 4 episodes

Eightieth year of the eighteenth century. Great time, which gives a lot of opportunities for the rich and as always infringes the rights of the poor. But the main hero of the story - a simple farmer that not ready to put up with this state of affairs. He always wants to lead his beloved country America to big changes and total independence, which...

Release Date:Apr 25, 2016

Genres:Drama, War